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Collection Care

Book Care & Repair for Librarians and Archivists

Karen Vidler presented a one-day workshop to members of the Association of British Theological and Philosophical Libraries. The workshop titled "Book Care & Repair for Librarians and Archivists" was held on Thursday 19th June, 2011 at Birmingham Central Library.

The Workshop
The focus of the workshop was identifying collection preservation needs through an item-by-item survey, simple collection care activities such as dusting and housing then demonstrations of repair techniques for cloth bindings in circulating library collections. The workshop was a combination of lectures, demonstrations and asking participants to try some of the techniques covered during the day. The workshop was broken down into four main areas: Types of Damage; Collection Care; Simple Repairs; Collection organisation & Storage.

Collection Care - Dusting Program

Dusting textblock edges with soft brush into
a HEPA filter vacuum

Mechanical cleaning with soft plastic eraser and brush to reduce surface dust and dirt

Dusting outside of the book with soft brush and HEPA filter vacuum

Simple Repairs - Cloth corner repair

Corner needing repair
Shaping the repair piece
Attaching the repair

Time was also made available during the workshop for a discussion of common problems participants faced in the care of the collections of cloth bindings under their custodianship. Jane distributed samples and handouts throughout the day. This included a suppliers list for tools and materials used during the workshop.

Karen and Jane would like to thank both Michael Gale, ABTAPL for organising the workshop and Gerard Driscoll, Birmingham Central Library for his excellent assistance on the day. They would also like to thank the participants for their great company and willingness to listen and learn.

On behalf of ABTAPL and Book Conservation Services we would also like to thank the following bookbinding and conservation suppliers for providing catalogues and samples for the workshop:

  • J. Hewit & Sons
  • F.J. Ratchford Ltd.
  • Preservation Equipment Ltd.
  • Conservation by Design
  • R.B. Russells