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Surveys & Consultations

Condition and Conservation Needs Surveys
Karen Vidler has used the survey method for identifying items and resources when planning for a preservation and/or conservation program.  The data she gathered during the condition and conservation needs survey, using either a paper form or Access database, has been used as part of submissions for funding. surveys have been based on a item-by-item basis for small collections or a random sampling technique for larger collections. Karen has been involved in several condition and conservation surveys in accordance with recommendations outlined in documents such as PAS 198:2012 Code of Practice for Cultural Collections Management and drawing on other recommended data and survey models. A final Condition and / or Conservation Needs Assessment Report of findings has been submitted in hardcopy and electronic format to the client. A sample survey form is available below.

Collection Care Consultations
Karen can also undertake shorter consultations on collection care for small or large collections. This includes a one-day site visit to identify and discuss the specific needs of a collection. A typical report is available at the bottom of this page.

Recent  Collection Care consultancy
Justice Smith Collection, RMIT University, Melbourne
See sample collection care report below

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