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Box making

Karen is experienced at making boxes and other enclosures for protecting book and archival collection items. Protective housing can be part of a preservation program to stabilise items during storage or handling such as a phase box, or offer strong protection during transportation for loan such as a cloth-covered drop-back box. Karen's instructions for the construction of the Expanding Slipcase are available below. She has made the following styles:
  • Melinex Book Jacket
  • Four-flap Enclosure
  • Non-adhesive Phase Box
  • Book Shoe
  • Expanding Slipcase
  • Cloth-covered Slipcase
  • Cloth-covered Drop-back Box
  • Quarter-leather Drop-back Box
Examples of Rehousing Projects

Before: Silver gelatine prints, gold tooling designs on tracing paper an mounted in glass frames, small book

After: Rehoused in phase-boxes with fitted compartments of plastazoate and silversafe folders for photographs

Before: Valuable wooden boarded binding in unsuitable housing
After: Rehousing in double-wall, lock-lid box constructed from conservation board and conservation cloth and plastazoate padding

Examples of styles

 Book Shoes made from archival folding box board
Expanding Slipcase made from medium weight archival paper

Cloth-covered, Drop-back box  constructed from conservation board and library buckram

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Karen Vidler,
10 Jun 2016, 01:18
Karen Vidler,
10 Jun 2016, 01:18